About us…

CupSell is a unique platform…

Because provides to everybody the ability to create something special. Regardless of whether you buy a shirt in one of the shops operating in, design a pattern just for yourself, whether you establish your own shop and develop individual brand, YOU CREATE SOMETHING UNIQUE. We are pleased to help you with this.

CupSell means amazing people...

Our team is made up of real enthusiasts. It is true that we are neither omniscient nor infallible, but we have a lot of energy, passion and humor, and it makes us true titans. We love, what we do, and that’s why we do it well.

Marcin Majzner

Chairman of the Board

Kasia Majzner


Ania Kasprzyk

Friend of People

Norbert Nyczka

From everything

Ania Klich

Production manager

Mirek Okoński


CupSell is YOU...

Why are you so surprised? After all, you create with us this unique platform. By buying a T-shirt, creating your own original pattern and establishing your individual shop, which creates your brand, you join our cheery band. Thank you!